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Dear my!
This English lesson was prepared by Your English Tutor.
You can send your suggestions and comments to me. The English lesson comprises the following sections:
  • 1) Choose and use: a section that will deal with synonyms, their similarities, differences and the use of each.
  • For example, help, aid, assist, support, back up etc.
  • 2) Etymology: the amazing history of the words.
  • 3) Fascinating facts
  • 4) Thinkpiece: a text written by a native speaker to read and comment on.

Алексей репетитор даёт не только ЕГЭ Образование. Иностранные языки. Продвинутый English

Choose and use
You may find that the words featured in this section are not presented with the entirety of their meanings.
This is because this section is not on the complete semantic field of the word but on its synonyms for one of its meanings. Thus, you might say that the word fair means not only true but also of light complexion. This is true, but what we are interested in is to explore its synonyms regarding the meaning ``true'', so I will not focus on the rest of its meanings. If you know how to improve this section, please write to Your English Tutor. Thank you for feedback!

Right: corresponding to the objective state of affairs, correct, acceptable. That is right. You are right to think that.
I just found the right way to do this. The right thing to do is to ask them.

Correct: free from error or fault, true, accurate. This is the correct spelling for ``conscientious''.

Accurate: faultless, true, impeccable. He gave me an accurate account of the facts. Research must be accurate, you cannot add a thing here and remove a detail there and still think you are a scientist. Surveys can give you a good understanding of the needs and expectations of your clients, but they are not always accurate. Nota bene! English accurate and Russian аккуратный are false friends!

Fair: true, consistent with rules. It is only fair that I pay you whatever you have lost by my fault. A fair account of the fact was published in the city newspaper.

Exact: rigorous, strictly and completely in accord with fact. I want to pay you the exact amount of money I owe you. The exact answer was that nobody knew how it had happened.

Proper: appropriate, suitable, corresponding to the rules, ethics, etc. You must give them a proper explanation. Perhaps the proper words for this situation could be ``I'm sorry''. It is not proper to speak that way.

Rigorous: harsh, rigidly accurate, precise. I wish your requirements were less rigorous.

True: corresponding to the actual state of affairs, not false in any way. It is true that I spoke to Paul, but I never said anything about his retirement. The true essence of his behaviour is protest and call for attention.

The word minister comes from Latin minus (small, minor) and originally meant "servant'', "attendant'', "waiter''. In this sense, minister was used in religious communities as "someone who serves the God and the community''. Afterwards it began to be used for civil government positions and finally nowadays its meaning is "an important statesman'', "head of Ministry''.
Fascinating facts
William of England (1650-1702) was unpopular among the Jacobites who supported James I and his heirs. William suppressed their risings fiercely, which is why the Catholics and Jacobites hated him. In 1702, when his horse stumbled upon a mole's burrow, he fell off and later died of the wound. Many Jacobites toasted to "the little gentleman in the black velvet waistcoat", that is, the mole, as a sign of gratitude for the king's death.
The Ant Philosophy

Over the years I've been teaching children about a simple but powerful concept - the ant's philosophy.
I think that everybody should study ants.
They have an amazing four-part philosophy, and here is the first part: ants never quit.
That is a good philosophy. If they are headed somewhere and you try to stop them, they will look for another way. They will climb over, they will climb under, and they will climb around. They keep looking for another way. What a neat philosophy, to never quit looking for a way to get where you are supposed to go.

Second, ants think of winter all the summer. That is an important perspective.
You cannot be so naive as to think that summer will last forever.
So ants are gathering in their winter food in the middle of summer.

An ancient story says, "Do not build your house on the sand in the summer."
Why do we need that advice?
Because it is important to be realistic.
In the summer, you have got to think of storm.
You have got to think of rocks as you enjoy the sand and sun. Think ahead.

The third part of the ant philosophy is that ants think summer all winter.
That is so important.
During winter, ants remind themselves: "This will not last too long; we will soon be out of here."
And the first warm day, the ants are out.
If it turns cold again, they will dive back down, but then they come out the first warm day.
They can not wait to get out.

And here is the last part of the ant philosophy.
How much will an ant gather during the summer to prepare for the winter?
All he possibly can. What an incredible philosophy, the "all-you-possibly-can" philosophy.

What a great seminar to attend - the ant's seminar! Never give up, look ahead, stay positive and do all you can.

Advanced English
Делаем срочный перевод на английский язык текста курсовых работ.
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Репетиторы английского языка - специалисты ― База репетиторов.
  • Репетиторы английского предлагают разнообразные программы обучения: 
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Смотрите видео: Условное и сослагательное наклонение - English lessons.
Методики обучения разговорному английскому школьников: личный опыт.
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  1. - высшая математика;
  2. - математический анализ;
  3. - статистика; тервер;
  4. - линейная алгебра;

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